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About Us

Carkner’s Family Vision began in 1943 when Dr. Clarence G. Carkner opened his doors for the first time. He was committed to providing his patients with the best eye care available. We have built the foundation of our practice on his philosophy, “the patient is always number one!”

Since our first days, we have been pioneers in the industry. Dr. Clarence traveled around the continent speaking at conferences, and was one of the earliest advocates for the advancement of contact lenses. He was also a trustee of Pacific University and instrumental in establishing their current School of Optometry. At one point both of his sons, Don and Dave, as well as his grandson, Jeff, were all Optometrists with the practice.

Now, three generations later, Dr. Dave Carkner along with Dr. Keely Hoban continue to offer the latest in Optometric technology and contact lenses for our patients. We maintain the highest standard of eye care, and believe in being on the cutting edge with state-of-the-art instrumentation, products and our personalized eye care services.

Combining over 75 years of experience with commitment to service, Carkners’ Family Vision Care is your family’s primary eye care specialists.

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Partners In Better Vision

Since there are literally millions of people wearing prescription lenses to correct their vision, this makes your optometrist your special partner in seeing the world more clearly and comfortably. More than any other eye care specialist, your optometrist has received extensive training in routine eye care. We believe that the key to continued clear vision, throughout your life, is developing an on-going relationship with your optometrist. As your partner in better vision we can, follow the progression of your eyes through the years, build a foundation of trust and recognize and correct problems with the fit of your glasses or contacts.

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